Happy Shrimp Farm is a farm system developed by Aquaculture Consultancy & Engineering (ACE), a joint project of Wageningen Agricultural University graduates Ir. Lo and Ir. Remmerswaal. The farm system is located in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For the project, a farm system was designed, with a structure that was totally air driven.

Happy Shrimp Farm was established in December of 2005. The particular species of shrimp that is being cultivated here is the White legged Shrimp (L. vannamei). The farm system project has a production capacity of 50 tons of shrimp on a yearly basis.

In the Happy Shrimp Farm, water is being pumped through the utilization of airlift pumps. Submerged aerated biofilters are being used for water treatment. The whole project is housed within a greenhouse, and the high temperature is kept by making use of waste heat from the EON powerplant.

By nature, shrimp is one of those sea creatures that spills food easily, therefore they are not able to find a particular feeding point inside the tank. For the Happy Shrimp Farm project, a pneumofeeder was developed – a tool which uses compressed air and a computer in order to shoot measured feed doses covering a wide area of the culture tanks. The farm system is being utilized for producing twenty to thirty grams of prawns, with the objective of delivering live shrimp to the clients.

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